We offer customized training for your team on any instrument we sell, which includes a wide variety of scientific equipment we manufacture. International Quality Instruments have regular training sessions for its team and other associates on various course designed for the sales and services. In these course we review and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each. From there we explore the specifics on all aspects from operation to set-up, calibration, disassembly, troubleshooting, and repair. The team will receive hands-on instruction in these areas as well as participate in the diagnosis and remedy of malfunctioning instruments.
These courses are tremendous value for Instrumentation Technicians from all disciplines and upon completion, an immediate return on investment is realized through an increase in efficiency and prowess. There are planning of some training seminars about scientific instruments for non-specialists and we need your help to make sure that we hold them in the right place, for the right people and at the right time.
Basic sales training courses are organized four times a year. Sessions are organized for various vendors and dealers. Sales manuals and handouts are given by the company’s trainer for better understanding of the product. The IQI customized meetings are excellent opportunities to learn from and share thoughts with other users and to get support on data analysis on an individual level. The meetings have been well attended and much appreciated over the last few years. The IQI data analysis modules have several levels to meet different needs.

Training is hands-on and can be done at our location or yours.To learn more, or to schedule a training session for your team
contact -Mr Yogesh Parmar (Head Training and Development Officer) at
or reach us via email at,