Quest for Perfection

We at International Quality Instruments have a prime motto to manufacture each product to its finest perfection. While manufacturing the products, quality assurance is systematic process of checking to see whether a product is meeting specified requirements. We also provide a broad range of high-precision physical testing and measuring technology that is essential for product development and quality assurance. Our endeavours are directed towards achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction and our consistent and sincere efforts have helped us to clinch many high profile clients. It is a prides itself in the ability to accept challenging responsibility to offer customized Instruments and Systems. The quality of all of our manufactured and repaired parts is very important at IQI. We are constantly improving our techniques to enable us to produce higher quality products and services.  We have the latest computerized quality control measuring equipment for the inspection of completed and in process parts.  In addition we utilize standard manual measuring systems throughout the manufacturing process to insure efficiently produced, quality parts. All production runs are QC inspected initially and then throughout the process for key parameters, before final inspection is done on the completed parts.