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These are designed for cutting large blocks of paraffin and resin embedded material including whole organ, for light microscopy. The knife holding clamps allow the knife to be offset to the direction of cut a major advantage when sectioning large, hard blocks. The microtome which is very heavy for stability and not usually subject to vibration, can also be used to cut materials from various industrial applications (wood, plastic, textile, fibres).


  • Heavy casted base machined, precision ground, the base and slider are finish with durable powder coating paint.
  • Simple action of pushing and pulling slider forward and back using the operation handle.
  • Unique design of the handle more action of pushing and pulling automatically advances and retracts the specimen.
  • With automatic feed mechanism, with micron feed from 1-50 micron in step of 1 micron. For cutting hard wood and large paraffin specimen.
  • Heavy duty model to avoid vibration during cutting section. Knife holder hold microtome knife of 200mm special tool steel fabricated.
  • Extra wide object holder vice. Smooth movement on stainless rails.
  • Supplied complete with one knife, having back and handle in box, one bottle of lubricating oil and dust cover.


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