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Semi Automatic Rotary Microtome

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Product Description

  • Compact ergonomic design with motorized section cutting and manual over ride modes.
  • All important controls are easily accessible and conveniently located.
  • Operations are from display board or manually by hand wheel.
  • Smooth hand wheel with integrated quick lock mechanism for safety.
  • It has different sectioning modes such continuous, single step stroke and Programmed mode.
  • Sectioning mode has section thickness range from 1 – 99 micron with Adjustment increments of 1 micron.
  • Trimming mode has range from 1 – 99 micron.
  • It has stepper motor with range of 25mm+ / -1mm feed motion and vertical stroke of 50 mm.
  • The coarse feed mode for both forward and backward Movement through separate feather touch switch.
  • Supplied with a universal chuck/block holder with precise Adjustment in X and Y axis for orientation of specimen.
  • Knife holder designed for disposable blades for use with both High profile and low profile disposable blade.
  • Knife holder has integrated knife guard and holds disposable Knives firmly for vibration and charter free operation.
  • Knife holder has lateral adjustment facility for use of entire Length of disposable knife.
  • It works on a power supply of 110-220 VACS at 50 Hz.
  • Pack of 50 disposable low profile blades is supplied with the Instrument along with standard accessories.


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