Rotary Microtome (Improved Model)

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A very popular and standard but economically priced sectioning device providing all advantages of a precision Rotary Microtome. The interior mechanism is seated on a heavy cast metal base and completely covered with a metal cover for protection from dust and grit. The Microtome is equipped with a ball and flange type object holder vice to get exact centering of specimen, knife holder with lateral movement permitting use of complete knife edge. All components are fabricated from Standard alloys/metals. The knife supplied with the Microtome is forged from imported fine grain tool steel, tested for micro-structures and it is also heat treated for optimum rigidity & sharpness. Supplied with following accessories in wooden storing cabinet.
1 Razor 120mm with back and handle in box 1 No. 2 Honing stone in Box 1No. 3 Object holders (set of 3)1Set 4 Oil Can and dust cover.


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